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A litte about me: I’m a wife and momma to 3 amazing kids. I’m a simple, laid back girl who struggles with being serious. I live in the moment. I’m observant and notice small details. I’m creative and my vision is my super power.

How it all started: Growing up I didnt realize my creativity and vision meant anything. Now that I look back at my childhood it makes so much since. I took art all through school. When I would get to my art class I would come alive. It’s when I felt the most confidant. I was good at it. It was easy. I even thought it was a little odd that classmates would ask me for help. I didnt know I was it was a talent then, I thought it came easy to everyone like it did me. I spent years and years of trying to figure out who and what I wanted to be. I tried out a few differnt fields and I felt so out of place. 

I simply could’nt think of anything else I loved.

Honestly I thought my creativity was irrelevant and I wouldnt go anywhere in life with it. Well I was so wrong.  After all these years I figured it out, All this time it was my gift. I was blessed with the gift to see things with a different eye. My vision was made for who I am today, A photographer. I bring my visions into life. Each photo is like a new canvas I use my creativiy to create my images into beautiful art. I put my hard work and soul into those images becuase those images are treasured for life.  

Fun Facts About Me

♥ I’m a DIY queen. I love making or designing anything and everything. I’m addicted to Hobby Lobby. 

♥ I love to study psychology.

♥ I’m an early bird, I LOVE mornings. I love the smell of dew and the sound of little of birds. Is that weird?


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